French Secret Tea 2018 – 2019

French Secret Tea

2018 - 2019 г.

Thermos 500ml. by individual design

Sports water bottle

Plastic cup, type jar with lid

Eye mask with logo

Beach towel by individual design

Jute knitted bag

More projects 2021 2021 y. Illuminated USB,16GB Keychain, opener Porcelain cup with bamboo mat Greeting card Backpack with zipper Cork mousepad UV-C sterilizer with bamboo lid

Montway 2021

Montway 2021 y. Tritan water bottle with stainless steel lid, without BPA Bluetooth speaker Bamboo desk organizer with wireless charger

CEZ Bulgaria 2020

For the third year in a row, we are glad to be part of a project to support protected bird species in Bulgaria.